How Women’s Boots Can Make a Fashion Statement

Being a woman is often about making a statement. This can be true in many areas in life such as when you achieve important goals, get a new hairstyle or speak up about issues you’re passionate about. Women’s boots come in plenty of unique styles and colors to help you express who you are in any situation you encounter.

How women’s boots can help on your self-expression?

You have the option to show off your personality by putting on the boots that tell the world about you. Slipping on comfortable womens boots to wear wherever you go can have the power to motivate you to accomplish nearly anything. You might have an important meeting to attend, enjoy hiking a nature trail or just want to spend a casual day at home. No matter what the event may be, an exceptional pair of boots can brighten your entire day. Choosing some to fit your personality can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Make a bold statement by donning the women’s boots from that stand out and say how you feel. Express happiness, confidence or any emotion you’d like to convey. You’re independent and in control of everything that you do. People often know you have confidence in your best abilities by analyzing your clothing and footwear choices as you walk by.

Women’s boots has a unique style

Women’s boots at come in plenty of unique styles to satisfy someone’s craving for fashionable footwear. Inspire your inner strength to come out by wearing red high heels, or wear a lower heel for better comfort. Utilize daring boots with artsy colors painted on when out shopping or for walking at a festival. Tone down your amazing style for a day with neutral shades to fit a calmer mood. Keep searching, and you’ll find the perfect style to fit your fashion needs.

Choosing women’s boots to enhance your wardrobe

Including women’s boots that you can absolutely gush over into your wardrobe can always make you proud to be yourself. Wearing your favorites with skirts or dresses only enhances small details like floral accents or lace hems for an overall inspirational effect. Brightly colored women’s boots provide the pop of color necessary to complete an otherwise bland outfit. This possible fashion mishap could have ruined that job interview you’d been anticipating for weeks. Luckily, your smart fashion sense and great taste in shoes saved the day again.

Wearing women’s boots is a way to add a special element to almost any outfit. Discover the right ones to fit you for an extra wardrobe boost. Try new ones to express your awesome style, but always remember to be yourself.

Finding a Great Pair of Skechers for Your Workout

If you are looking for a good pair of shoes that can be worn for your workout, there is no better brand than Skechers. Skechers has been around for decades and is still one of the most sought after shoe brands on the market. In fact, there are so many different styles available to make it practically effortless for you to find what you need and want. Once you have made the decision that this particular shoe brand is right for you, it is just a matter of finding the right store to buy the shoes from online.

Where is better to buy Skechers shoes: Online or Offline?

If you are shopping for Skechers mens shoes, you’re going to find that there are a lot more options available to you on the internet rather than locally. Because of this, you can look to find a wide range of Skechers stores online selling this specific brand. You can also browse through the huge selection of shoes that they have available so that you can be sure you are choosing something that is going to complement your needs quite well.

Skecher shoes is great for exercising

The great thing about Skechers mens shoes is that they are ideal for working out. In fact, a lot of people are choosing this as an option for themselves and are finding that this is something much better for their needs. You will also find that Skechers are a whole lot cheaper than many other brands on the market, so it is pretty easy for you to buy the items that you need and want without it being overly expensive for your budget. Now is a good time for you to check out this specific brand and see for yourself how easy it is for you to buy what you need for a workout.

Choosing and maintaining of the Skechers shoes

Now that you have invested in a good pair of Skechers, you are going to want to maintain them well so that they last a very long time. Skechers are made to last a very long time, so you’re going to want to consider this brand rather than some of the others on the market. Also find Skechers mens shoes online at This is especially true if you are planning to wear the shoes during a workout where they are going to be worn for long periods of time and have a lot of wear and tear done to them.

The most important thing about choosing a pair of shoes is that they fit and that they are going to be a great choice for your every need. Once you have chosen this for yourself, you’re going to find that it is easy to get in a good workout and to know that you’ve chosen something that is sure to be a viable option for yourself or anyone else who is going to be making use of this for yourself. Now is a good time for you to make use of this brand and see what they have available to you when you go shopping.

How Merrell Shoes Came To Fruition

The Merrell footwear empire took the world by storm when Randy Merrell, Clark Matis, and John Schweizer joined entrepreneurial and athletic forces 37 years ago. Since 1981, these three tycoons have been leaving their mark on the footwear industry one footprint at a time. Though some are more highly regarded than others, Merrell shoes have far-reaching appeal. From hiking boots and running shoes to sandals and slip-ons, the Merrell company excludes none.!OpenDocument

Which Merrell Shoes Are Considered The Best?

Fortunately, modern-day society is anything but coy about expressing their personal views. Digital word of mouth can be found in the form of review forums wherein consumers flock to divulge their sentiments. A thorough scouring of these platforms helps discern elite products from subpar merchandise. With that said, here’s a brief overview of Merrell shoes for men that customers have deemed a worthwhile investment.

The most popular Merrell shoes

All Out Crush
Hallmarked for their comfort, durability, quality, and protection, these trail running shoes are second to none. Equipped with highly reflective and flexible traits, All Out Crush provides both visibility and agility. Runners also appreciate their breathability and unmatched comfort. Perhaps the shoe’s most exclusive feature is the UniFly technology which provides a snug fit and adequate cushioning. 

Agility Peak Flex
Beloved for its ultramodern yet classic design, this Merrell shoes for men boasts aesthetics and comfort. Esteemed for its “glove-like fit,” the Agility Peak Flex makes for cozy and snug feet companions. While the fit is undoubtedly secure, there’s ample space for some wiggle room. Among the shoe’s most admirable trait is its ability to withstand harsh weather and treacherous trails. From mud and water to rocky landscapes and dry terrain, the Agility Peak Flex is impervious to outside factors.

Picking the perfect pair of Merrell shoes

Trail Crusher
Aptly named for the action they perform, the Trail Crusher overpowers the roughest of terrains with its robust essence. This support is attributed to the shoe’s solid air cushion feature. What’s more, the shoe includes primarily mesh material which allows for breathability and permeability. As an added lure, these Merrell shoes come with a favorable price tag. You can find Merrell shoes for men online at

Bare Access Ultra
A balanced blend of uncompromised stability and unrivaled comfort, the Bare Access Ultra has been described as “perfect.” Armed with an energy-returning technology and mesh lining, runners can expect nothing less than a quality shoe with unbeatable durability. Included with synthetic fabric and hygienic midsoles, the Bare Access Ultra is the embodiment of a high-quality running shoe. 

Vapor Glove 2
The Vapor Glove 2 is a force to be reckoned with. Unlike the previously mentioned Merrell shoes, the Vapor Glove 2 includes an odor-wicking technology that helps avoid unpleasant stenches. This impeccable footwear comes engineered with sturdy elements and durable soles, allowing it to withstand fickle weather and sharp objects.

Standard Self-Reversing Tapping Head Attachments – Style E & F

Styles 1E L& 2E now available with Pro-Quick™ Quick Change Style Spindles!

Balanced heat-treated gear reversing mechanism
     minimizes strain and wear
• Reverses at twice forward speed to increase productivity
     and avoid tap jamming
• No tap overtravel . . . excellent for blind or shallow holes
• Bronze bushings at wear points supporting the spindle
     from shank to chuck
• Extremely sensitive friction clutch engines conical
      surfaces of drive and reverse shells with smooth,
      “cushioned” action, allowing sensitive operator feel. 
      Assures automatic tap perfection
• One-piece TRU-GRIP or Pro-Quick spindle assures true

110002 wrenches3 lbs.3000
120002 wrenches6 lbs.2000
130002 wrenches12 lbs.1000
140002 wrenches18 lbs.800

* Collets not included with Tapping Heads

Tapping heads can be used in HORIZONTAL position with slight change in oiler location

Factory can easily alter any model for left-hand tapping.
Click here to view left hand conversion.

Morse Tapper and Straight Shank Style

11001-11006**1-E1-2-3MT, 1/2″s.s.1/4″ (M6)#10 (M5)
12001-12006**2-E1-2-3MT, 1/2″s.s.1/2″ (M12)<1/8″5/16″ (M8)
13002-130063-E2-3-4MT, 3/4″s.s.3/4″ (M18)1/4″1/2″ (M12)
14002-140064-F2-3-4-5MT, 3/4″s.s.1-1/8″ (M27)3/4″1″ (M24)

** Add “QC” to end of order number for Quick Change Spindle

11000 / 1E5-1/83-1/23/44 lbs
12000 / 2E7-1/24-7/1618 lbs
13000 / 3E8-3/45-7/81-3/815 lbs
14000 / 4F10-1/46-1/2223 lbs
Cover Clamp Style Tapping Heads

• Mount directly to drill press quill for greater rigidity and
• These models recommended for production runs
• Available for practically every drill press
• Enclosed drive for safety

** Add “QC” to end of order number for 
Quick Change Spindle

pecify make and model of drill press. Adaption Sheet in pdf

Caterpillar Shoes are Top Quality Shoes

Everyone needs to have quality items in their wardrobe. Quality is especially important when it comes to the right kind of footwear. Everyone needs to have shoes like Caterpillar shoes that will stand up over time and make it easy for people to get through the day. These are shoes that have been carefully designed by experts in the field. Experts make sure that every single pair of Caterpillar shoes are made to stand up to anything the person might have to face in the course of their daily life. Each pair of Caterpillar shoes is one that follows careful quality control methods at every turn before winding up on the shelves for people to buy.

What is Caterpillar shoes history?

Those who love shoes look to Caterpillar work boots for a product they know has a long history of quality shoe production. With over twenty years on the market, every single pair of Caterpillar shoes that has is licensed for sale by the company is one that must be able to meet a long and rigorous process of examination before it is brought to the eye of the customer. This means that each person who buys a pair of Caterpillar shoes knows that they are buying something that is renowned the world over for offering shoes that are quality, well made items that will fit their feet well and enable them get anything done they need to get done with the proper support at their very feet. 

Cat shoes are for men and women

Both men and can count on Caterpillar work boots for the best quality shoes. Each sex will find Caterpillar shoes that suit their personal, unique requirements in every single way. Each person will also find shoes that are designed for the specific needs of men and women. Everyone can find shoes that let them move forward in comfort with the kind of details that make it easy to get things done really quickly. Men and women will find many kinds of textures and colors that let them customize the shoe to their own personal tastes. Each one can be used to help demonstrate the person’s individual personality. 

Choosing a Caterpillar shoes for an all day long

Many people spend a lot of time on their feet. They may spend time waiting for public transit to get to work. They may also spend a lot of time at work on their feet and you can find it online at As they do so, they really need to make sure that they can move around with ease. The last thing that anyone needs is sore feet. This is where wearing these shoes is ideal. Each pair is fully designed to help prevent any kind of foot problems. Every single pair has the kind of serious structure inside that offers every single part of the foot total support. This support can help make sure the wearer is comfortable when they are wearing these shoes on work or anywhere else. Given such quality and useful support, it not surprising these are such highly popular shoes.!OpenDocument

Universal Joint Assemblies

A complete line of standard or custom order universal joints and universal joint assemblies for use in universal drill and tap heads

 Upper JointLower JointLength
PDH Part #  AHEXBO.D.CPivot Center to EndDOverallEOverallFPivot Center to EndGO.D.HHEXIClosed LengthJFree Length
UJ20101/4.50.730 1.4601,545.730.3811/644.6305.800

Rockport shoes beyond style

Rockport shoes came into being at the start of Rockport company. Previously they were just a pair of moccasins until they were branded as Rockport shoes by Bruce Katz, an heir to shoe company pioneers in America. The company came up from Hubbard Shoe Company founded by Samuel Katz before Saul Katz took over. The company operated in Newton, Massachusetts; there were challenges with low income given the fewer imports. The company was on the edge of collapsing until they worked with Highland imports to come up with unique products which were imported from Brazil. There was a pair of moccasins which were designed by Walter Dyer in Rockport. Saul Katz, therefore, named the leather Rockport.

Why Rockport shoes is famous worldwide?

While selling the unnamed shoes through Boston, Bruce Katz decided to go back to Marlboro and name the shoe Rockport. They had Sold the shoes with no exact name before he noticed that people kept referring to the moccasins as Rockport shoes. This name leads to the start of Rockport shoes company in the early 1970s Saul Katz and son. The company was started with almost Fifteen thousand dollars.

The company was designed to be the best option when it comes to choosing athletic shoes. They were designed with technology to give comfort and lightness that every athlete would require while running. They, however, had similarities with other styles but the two features make them unique. According to a comment made by a scholar, they were the first real technology shoes to be made. 

Rockport shoes is excellence when it comes to footwear

There are also Rockport shoes which were designed for walking. The shoe company acknowledged that walking is a way of exercise and designed the shoes for walking. The shoes were designed after research on how walking happens. The shoes were worn during a walk of a thousand miles across the country which the company sponsored. They were now linked to walking across America. There were shoes specific to fitness walkers usually considered as pro-walker shoes. Their heels were extended to support ones’ stability during walking, durable and more so comfortable.

Rockport shoes were fast selling until the year 1986 when the Reebok shoe company took over. The founder Bruce Katz has since reemerged to the shoe business as from 2014. He promised to produce comfortable and quality shoes just as Rockport shoes are comfortable and durable and you can find it online at Mode Footwear.

Buying your Rockport shoes

Over time many types of shoes have been designed as Rockport shoes. There are shoes for women and men either casual or official. They come in different styles, therefore, more stylish than other sneakers. Unlike other shoes, the company have revolutionized footwear Industry it’s hard to come by such shoes which value the customer’s style and comfort available for every activity ranging from sports to office work.

Self-Contained Lead Screw Units

• Complete with single seed, direct drive motor
• Lead screw operation for perfect tapping every time
• Use independently or with other units to form special machines
• Can be mounted vertically or horizontal
• 1-SLH Lead Screw Assemblies available with Tru-Grip or 
   Quick Change spindles

Standard Equipment
Furnished with tapper power cord, air line, foot control, set of 
(4) Tru-Grip tap collets, wrenches and holding brackets. 
Order Lead Screw Assemblies separately.

29002 & 290041-SLH17251/2
29006 & 290081-SLH11401/2

• Complete unit utilizing standard motors – gear belt drive or 
  3-step pulley
• Lead Screw operation for perfect tapping every time
• Easily adjustable to special setups
• Rigid cast iron mounting base for rigid support
• 1-VLHH Lead Screw Assemblies available with Tru-Grip or 
   Quick Change spindles

Standard Equipment
Furnished with tapper power cord, air line, foot control, set of (4) Tru-Grip tap collets and wrenches. 
Order Lead Screw Assemblies separately.

29011-290121-VLHH3 Step Pulley
290313-VLHH800-1200 Gear Belt Drive*1-1/2
290323-VLHH450-750 Gear Belt Drive*1-1/2
290333-VLHH280-400 Gear Belt Drive*1-1/2
* Single speed will be set dependent upon tap size and material.

• Complete unit with gear belt or 3-step pulley drive
• Lead Screw Operation – reduces inspection, simplifies fixturing
• Easily adaptable to special setups – accommodates 2989″ dia. column
• 1-VLHV Lead Screw Assemblies available with Tru-Grip or 
   Quick Change spindles

Standard Equipment
Furnished with tapper power cord, air line, foot control, set of (4) Tru-Grip tap collets and wrenches.
Order Lead Screw Assemblies separately.
29015-290161-VLHV3 Step Pully
290353-VLHV800 – 1200 Gear Belt Drive*1-1/2
290363-VLHV450 – 750 Gear Belt Drive*1-1/2
290373-VLHV280 – 400 Gear Belt Drive*1-1/2
* Single speed will be set dependent upon tap size and material.

Bench Model Tapping Machines
Model 1-BLSH Super-Sensitive Manual Lead Screw Tapping Machine

Order No. 29046 Single Phase
Order No. 29047 Three Phase
This manual lead screw tapping machine includes precision hardened and ground guide rods, base assembly and your choice of single speed, direct drive motor, single or three phase; 1725 RPM.

• Fingertip trigger arm and friction clutch allows complete operator control for
  superior sensitivity
• Produces perfect controlled threads from 32 u to 127 threads per inch
• Built in adjustable 1 1/8″ stroke
• Depth repeatability within 1/3 turn
• Reverses at twice forward speed
• Precision ground lead screws, are adjustable for wear and can be changed 
  in “seconds”
• Capacity – #8 Aluminum / #6 Mild Steel
• Furnished with (1) each #0-6 & #8 Tru-Grip collets and wrenches

Lead Screw Assemblies available with Tru-Grip or Quick Change spindle. Must be ordered separately

NOTE: Also available with DC motor and Vari-drive controller. Consult factory for pricing.

Model 1-BSLH Push-Button Automatic Lead Screw Tapping Machine

Order No. 29048 Single Phase
Order No. 29049 Three Phase
This automatic lead screw tapping machine includes precision hardened and ground guide rods, base assembly and your choice of single speed, direct drive motor, single or thee phase; 1140 RPM

• Eliminates parts spoilage, striped threads and cuts fixture costs
• Completely automatic – electrically controlled, air operated with push-button 
   or foot controlled operation
• Built-in adjustable 3/4″ stroke
• Depth repeatability within 1/3 turn
• Friction clutch allows smooth, “cushioned” action and tap protection
• Precision ground lead screws, are adjustable or wear and can be changed 
   in “seconds”
• Capacity – 1/4″ Aluminum  #10 Mild Steel
• Supplied with power line, air line, foot switch, set of (4) Tru-Grip collets 
   and wenches

Lead Screw Assemblies available with Tru-Grip or Quick Change spindle. Must be ordered separately

NOTE: Also available with DC motor and Vari-drive controller. Consult factory for pricing.

Order Numbers for Procunier Lead Screw Assemblies

itch1-AL 1/2″ Dia. 
Use collet series 51800
3-AL 3/4″ Dia.Use collet series 538003-AL/4TG
3/4″ Dia.
Use collet series 54800
 Pitch1-AL 1/2″ Dia.
Use collet series 51800
3-AL 3/4″ Dia.
Use collet series 53800
3/4″ Dia.

Use collet series 54800
R. H.L. H.R. H.L. H.R. H.L. H.R. H.L. H.R. H.L. H.R. H.L. H.
1272140121402    .25mm2150521506    
1202140321404    .30mm2150721508    
1132140521406    .35mm2150921510    
1102140721408    .40mm21511215122351123512  
1022140921410    .43mm21513215142351323514  
1002141121412      .45mm*21515215162351523516  
962141321414      .50mm*21517215182351723518  
902141521416    .53mm21519215202351923520  
  80*2141921420    .60mm21521215222352123522  
722142121422    .66mm21523215242352323524  
6421425214262342523426    .70mm*21525215262352523526  
6021427214282342723428  .73mm21527215282352723528  
  56*21429214302342923430  .75mm21529215302352923530  
4821435214362343523436    .80mm*21531215322353123532  
4421437214382343723438  .81mm21533215342353323534  
  40*21439214402343923440  1.00mm215352153623535235362453524536
3621443214442344323444  1.20mm215372153823537235382483724538
  28*2144921450234492345024449244501.40mm  23541235422454124542
272145121452234512345224451244521.50mm  23543235442454324544
2621453214542345323454  1.60mm  23545235462454524546
  24*2145521456234552345624455244561.70mm  23547235482454724548
  20*2145921460234592346024459244601.75mm  23549235502454924550
182146321464234632346424463244642.00mm  23551235522455124552
162146521466234652346624465244662.50mm  23553235542455324554
14  23467234682446724468       
13  23469234702446924470       
12  23471234722447124472       
11½  23473234742447324474       
11  23475234762447524476       
10  23477234782447724478       
5  23487234882448724488       

*Available with Quick Change style spindle – Add QC to end of order number – Use collet series 58800
Note: Left hand lead screws may only be used with tappers which are modified for L.H. use.
Other lead screws available i.e. double lead, triple lead, 22-MB Style. Call for quote.

CNC Self-Reversing Tapping Head Attachments

15000 & 16000 Series now available with  Pro-Quick™ Quick Change Style Spindles!

 Instantaneous reversse without reversing machine
• No tap overtravel . . . excellent for blind or shallow
• No need to underfed  . . . program feed rtes at 100%
• Program using standard bore cycle . . . or 
  line by line   for 2:1 reverse
  Click here for programming examples
• Sealed against coolant contamination
• Accurate depth repeatablility within 1/3 turn
• Horizontal or Vertical use without modifications
• Available with 3/4″ or 1″ dia. straight shank
• Exclusive TRU-GRIP or PRO-QUIK spindle assures 
• Readily adapts to any machining center 
150002 wrenches4 3/4 lbs.3000
160002 wrenches6 1/4 lbs.2500

* Wrenches not needed with Quick Change Spindle equipped tappers.
Order Collet series 51800 for 15000 Series, 52800 for 16000 Sries, 58800 for 15000QC Series and 49800 for 16000QC Series

Factory can easily alter any model for left-hand tapping.

 15001ºº1″ Straight1/4″ (M6)#10 (M5)3-3/16″5-3/16″
150083/4″ Straight1/4″ (M6)#10 (M5)3-3/16″5-1/2″
150101″ Straight1/4″ (M6)#10 (M5)3-3/16″6-1/4″
 16001º1″ Straight1/2″ (M12)5/16″ (M8)3-7/16″7″
160083/4″ Straight1/2″ (M12)5/16″ (M8)3-7/16″7-1/4″
160101″ Straight1/2″ (M12)5/16″ (M8)3-7/16″8″

** Add “QC” to end of order number for Quick Change Spindle

* Locator Bracket #15280 included with 15001 & 16001

150012-1/4″1-19/32″7-13/16″3-13/16″1-5/16″3/4″1″3.5 lbs.
150082-5/8″3-1/16″1-19/32″7-13/16″4-1/8″1-5/16″3/4″3/4″4.5 lbs.
150102-5/8″3-1/16″1-19/32″7-13/16″4-1/8″1-5/16″3/4″1″5 lbs.
160012-1/4″1-23/32″8-7/8″4-3/4″2-1/4″1″1″5 lbs.
160082-25/32″3-3/16″1-23/32″8-7/8″5-1/16″2-1/4″1″3/4″6 lbs.
160102-25/32″3-3/16″1-23/32″8-7/8″5-1/16″2-1/4″1″1″6.5 lbs.